Ain't Wrong

by Demian Grace

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Everything here is created and performed by Demian Grace and his friends, except sixth song.
All of this is dedicated to one and only one person, and she surely knows about it. Nothing here seems to be changed and nothing else really can be wrong.


released May 22, 2010

Roman Olkhovka - everything
Ruslan Olkhovka - additional bass and drums for "Before You Leave It All"


tags: rock love


all rights reserved


Demian Grace

First albums of Demian Grace was recorded by Roman Olkhovka in Moscow, but now Demian Grace is full live band in Siberia. And our new album is available here.
It’s called «Saving Love» and contains no any sampled or synthesized sound through it. Everything is much live now.
Remember, that this audio files was recorded from original magnetic tape.
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Track Name: Ain't Wrong
little girls goes to heaven
little boys goes to hell
if you gonna be my lady
i'm gonna be your man
if you wanna hear stories
i'm here just to tell
i've got nothing to be sorry
ain't nothing to be sell

aint wrong, baby
nothing can be wrong, baby
no, no wrong, baby
nothing can be wrong, baby
with you nothing can be wrong
with you nothing can be wrong
with you, baby

in a sunny day we're merry
in a rainy day we're sad
there's a lot of things to carry
and a lot of things to care
if you gonna be my princess
i'm gonna be your king
i'm just trying to be sincere
and to sincerely sing
Track Name: Twice
if i say, that i don't love you anymore
you better dont trust me
cause my heart has one way to go
but words has twice

if i do strange things to you
you better close your eyes
cause my heart has one way to do
but i always have twice

if i see, that you don't love me anymore
me better be gone at once
cause your heart has only one way to go
but you always have twice
always twice
always twice
always twice
Track Name: Little Little Girl
little little girl
place me in your car
take me out of here
take me out so far
where my home's not burned
where my friends sill mine
where my father loves
me, my bro and ma

little little girl
play me all of yours
do it disk by disk
do it note by note
silly little girl
drive me in your car
let me feel your smell
and taste of your cigar

little little girl
please, don't be so fine
share with me your sins
let me drink your wine
tiny tiny girl
drive me, drive me mad
stay with me at all
hold me till the end
Track Name: Happy Valentine
please, let me be your happy Valentine
please, don't be free to send me away
you're only who i know i need now
m-m-m... don't throw me away

o-o-o... what are you gonna do now?
o-o-o... all over this town
o-o-o... would you gonna be mine?
o-o-o... my happy Valentine
my little Valentine
my happy Valentine

you know, there's only one thing to feel now
you know, this all begins from "L"
and everything is really really clear now
and only one thing i need to tell
Track Name: Eyes
light bars
autumn is not so far
summer sky
lie please keep lie

simple words
help us both
deep, nice
bright eyes
Track Name: Loving You (Song of Minnie Riperton)
lovin' you is easy cause you're beautiful
makin' love with you is all i wanna do
lovin' you is more than just a dream come true
and everything that i do is out of lovin' you

La la la la la la la... do do do do do

no one else can make me feel
the colors that you bring
stay with me while we grow old
and we will live each day in springtime

cause lovin' you has made my life so beautiful
and every day my life is filled with lovin' you
lovin' you i see your soul come shinin' through
lnd every time that we oooooh
i'm more in love with you

La la la la la la la... do do do do do
Track Name: I Love You, Nina
when i was little boy
you were a little girl
a sun was little closer
to me and my old home
but now i have some changes
i see you had the same
one thing can only take us
back to that time again

i love you, Nina
only you
i love you, Nina
all bad thoughts through
i love you, Nina
all this world for you
i love you, Nina
what else need i say to you?

when winter snow is falling
i know one secret place
where everything still growing
where summer never ends
where every star and planets
rolls round just one thing
i know this sounds silly
you're center of all rings

know nothing lasts for ever
and everything jus ends
but dont let me be so clever
just close my mouths by hands
cause all my time is your now
and all my minds are yours
and let my world just go now
and let the world just go
Track Name: Not Without You
i see sunflowers over my head
such nicest place for making bed
here any dream could be good
but not, not without you

if i say wrong, you can me fix
no need much words for what i think
and everything could be good
but not, not without you

my life is simple here i go
and every symbol is my own
i have it clearly understood
but not, not without you
Track Name: Before You Leave It All
before you leave it all
just let me help your soul
i'm trying let you know:
you'll have no place to fall

well, i can't stop your fade
but let me see your face
there's really no tear's place
now go without trace

if yesterday has gone
you have today to harm
tomorrow you will care
i hope you understand
i hope you understand
i hope you understand
i hope you understand