Saving Love

by Demian Grace

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About Cassete:
Recorded 24.07.2011 at "Berloga II/155" studio in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia
Mixed in August of 2011 at "Parents' Home" in Khakassia, Siberia
Mastered in last winter month at Krasnoyark, Siberia

with huge help from our parents and friends:
Sergey "Nosorog" Muzykantov, Evgeny "Karas'" Hramcov, Konstantin Kilin, Sergey Krishtop, Evgeny Musaev, Ksenia Efremova, Anton Ghelezovsky and many more

THANKS to everyone, who helped us with it
BIG THANKS with all SAVED LOVE to this tiny girl, sitting here and watching, and listening and waiting...

Demian Grace about album -

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music video for "If You Believe in Love" -
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released May 14, 2012

Roman Olkhovka - vocals, guitars, lyrics
Ruslan Olkhovka - bass
Alexander Elizar'ev - drums
Pavel Kuznetsov - guitar
Anna Miheeva - violin



all rights reserved


Demian Grace

First albums of Demian Grace was recorded by Roman Olkhovka in Moscow, but now Demian Grace is full live band in Siberia. And our new album is available here.
It’s called «Saving Love» and contains no any sampled or synthesized sound through it. Everything is much live now.
Remember, that this audio files was recorded from original magnetic tape.
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Track Name: Blue Sky
all my life, all I can explain and more
all my time, all I can be there, it's yours
once defined and ever known
all I try is to be yours

blue sky, turn me rise
I am ready for the floor
I don't wanna be disguised
I don't wanna be no more

all I've got, all these pretty things I saw
all my chains and all of my soul
all I cry and all I joke
makes me try to be yours
Track Name: Engaged Souls
sometimes strange things are in my head
but, love of mine, don't be afraid of me

light is in your eyes and over my head
it makes me blind, again and again

these places are not so wide to hold inside
all places of your soul engaged with mine
Track Name: I'll Get You From Devil's Hands
oh, then you're alone,
and no one cares about you,
your face, your hair
remember me, remember all I said
I'll set you free
I'll get you from devil's hands, yeah

here no place to be
no place to live
for you and me
but see - we are in band
just follow me
I'll get you from devil's hands, yeah

me, darling, I'm just a man
believe in me
I'll get you from devil's hands, yeah
Track Name: If You Believe In Love
like every single boat
returning to it's dock
your soul will come to home
if you believe in love

don't fear after dark
without sun in sky
it's always rising back
if you believe in love

you're walking through the life
like lonely little dove
be sure, you'll find your pair
if you believe in love
Track Name: You're Mine
girl, i do know: you're mine
it's written so deep in my heart
and whole wide world can't deny it, can't deny it
cause, girl, you're mine, you're mine

sometimes it's so hard to see:
whole world divides you from me
but, girl, one time you will see, yeah, you will see
girl, you're mine and you'll ever be
Track Name: 2 U
I'm walking slowly, so slow I do
but I'm on my right way, I Know, 2 U

the winds are wild here and strong, o-o-o
but I'm on my right way, so close 2 U

we'll meet in a bright day, I know, U 2
and nothing can break it, cause I go 2 U
Track Name: Saving Love
looking clearly, it's my heart
it's keeping beating anyway
what can be a better place
to save my love to You?

and stars are shining over me
and clouds running from the sky,
cause I know You, and You know me
and my love - to You

and if I'm doing some mistakes
You can see them fading away
with every beat of my heart
and my love - to You
Track Name: I Look At You
day after day, night after night
I look at You
I sleep in your bed and watching your dreams
I look at You
sending short notes from far away
I look at You
doing my best in Krasnoyarsk
I look at You, look at You, look at You

most people say, that everything's right
in this perfect world
but from my side nothing is right
cause I look at You
and making my way right up to You
I look at You
being alone, dreaming of You
I look at You, look at You, look at You

finding your face in my memories
I look at You
making a coffee to wake up You
I look at You
touching your fingers and sitting by You
I look at You
being so far and so close to You
I look at You, look at You, look at You
Track Name: I'm Yours
in your eyes
I fall
I'm yours

no tears
no fears
no doubts
I'm yours